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                      Jinan Jinda is an enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of APIs with a history of more 42 years. 21 APIs have passed China GMP inspection.

                      Our products were approved by US FDA for 5 times: March, 2013; Carprofen in July of 2010; Nitrofurazone in September of 2007; Dantrolene sodium in November of 2004, and Furazolidone in August of 1998. CEP for Nitrofurantoin is acquired in July, 2013, and DMF/EDMF for Tolperisone HCl, Cidofovir, Dantrolene Sodium and Trospium Chloride has been submitted.

                      Our goal is to be a best API supplier for generic drug maufacturers in US and EU. We have been carrying out cGMP and improving the EHS system for years. Our facilities are audited by the customers and the third parties for more than ten times every year which could demonstrate that the quality system of JDPC is under control.

                      We have a lot of very good customers to trust and support us, such as Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer Ing, Mepha GmbH, Zach, Neogen, Lonza AG, Cipla, Actavis and Sun.

                      We hope our "regulatory manufacturing platform"could give you reliable and abiding support for your products to launch into US and EU regulatory markets.

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