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                      Jinan Jinda is an enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of APIs with a history of more 42 years. 21 APIs have passed China GMP inspection.
                      Our products were approved by US FDA for 5 times: March, 2013; Carprofen in July of 2010; Nitrofurazone in September of 2007; Dantrolene sodium in November of 2004, and Furazolidone in August of 1998. CEP for Nitrofurantoin is acquired in July, 2013....
                      Excellent Employees in March 2
                      Inspcetion by Mexican Cofepris
                      Deputing of Night Duty Manager
                      A Cleaning Activity in Plant
                      Ceremony for Starting 2015
                      Fifth FDA Inspection on Site
                      WN Upgrade of Washing Room
                      Orange Thanksgiving Meeting
                      Staff Meeting for Welcoming Ye
                      Excellent Employees in Januar
                      Foscarnet Sodium
                      Rosuvastatin Calcium
                      Dantrolene Sodium
                      Trospium chloride
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